Lee Anne Filosa

Collegiate_ Lee Anne Filosa_sizedTeam: Collegiate

Age: 25

School: MCPHS University

Hometown: Medfield, Massachusetts

Major: Doctorate of Pharmacy

Year: 4th year of graduate school

Years of Synchro: 18

Favorite thing about Team Excel: By far the most hilarious and nice group of girls I’ve ever skated with!

Why did you pick your school? After completing my undergraduate degree in biochemistry in 2010, I decided I wanted to pursue a doctorate of pharmacy. There are not many schools in the New England area that offer this program, and MCPHS University seemed like the obvious choice because of the strength of its program, distinguished history, and the breadth of wonderful internship and rotation opportunities in Boston at some of the best hospitals in the country. Being close to my family, friends, and the Team Excel community were also important factors in my decision.

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