Coached by: Kristin curran & melissa delano

About the team:

The Intermediate division is defined as a team of 12-20 skaters all of whom are 19 years of age or younger. All skaters must have passed their Pre-Silver Skating Skills test to be eligible to compete in this nationally competitive division. 

Team Excel Intermediate practices twice a week as a team in addition to a skater’s individualized training. The Intermediate team competes at local and sectional competitions, and exhibits their free skate program at a variety of shows throughout the year. Team Excel Intermediate requires a high skill level and is one of our organization’s elite teams. 

The Intermediate skaters take part in Mental Skills Training in-season to ensure both mind and body are prepared to compete at such a high caliber. The team also works with specialized world class choreographers from across the nation for program enhancement. 


Season Results

Boston Synchronized Skating Classic: 8th Place
New England Synchro Open: 4th Place
Colonial Classic: 8th Place
2024 Eastern Sectional Championships: 4th Place (advancing to the U.S. National Championships)
Connecticut Classic: 3rd Place
2024 United States National Championships: February 2024