Coached By: Kristin Curran, Melissa Delano, and Amanda werner

About the team:

Our 2023-2024 Novice team is in collaboration with The Colonials Synchronized Skating Team, and is formally known as Boston Fusion! 

The Novice division consists of 12-20 skaters all of whom are 19 years of age or younger. All skaters must have passed their Silver Skating Skills test to be eligible to compete in this nationally competitive division. 

Boston Fusion Novice practices twice a week as a team throughout the competitive season in addition to their individualized training. They participate at regional and sectional competitions and have the opportunity to compete at the United States National Championships pending qualification each year. As one of our highly skilled elite teams, Novice skaters take part in Mental Skills Training in-season to ensure both mind and body are prepared to compete. The team also works with specialized world class choreographers from across the nation for performance enrichment.  


Season Results

Boston Synchro Skating Classic: 5th Place

Terry Connors: 2nd Place

New England Synchro Open: 3rd Place

Colonial Classic: 5th Place

2024 Eastern Sectional Championships: 4th Place (advancing to the U.S. National Championships)

2024 United States National Championships: February 2024