Off Ice Training for Synchronized Skaters

Strength and conditioning are as important for Synchronized skaters as for any athlete. That training can be performed as part of team training in a group or individually depending on time and financial constraints as well as the availability of appropriate supervision.

Elements of conditioning include strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, power, and speed, however, it is important to develop the young athlete as a whole not just focus on figure skating. Sport specific training builds on the athletic skills developed in the prepubescent years. That being said, strengthening and conditioning has been found to be safe and effective for young children when the emphasis is on safety and the quality of movement and achieving realistic goals. (more…)

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Community Building at The Skating Club of Boston

The following transcript was taken from an interview with Joe Blount, the President of the Board of Directors for The Skating Club of Boston. Joe was instrumental in bringing Team Excel to The Skating Club and feels strongly that synchronized skating is an important program for the club. Joe was interviewed the night of the Nationals send-off for Team Excel. (more…)

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