Skate with the Team

Skate with the Team

Skate with the Team

Are you a freestyle skater who wants to give synchro a try?

Are you a synchro skater who wants to see what our organization is all about? 

Are you a current TXL/Fusion skater looking to increase your synchro skills? 

Team Excel and Boston Fusion invite all skaters to our upcoming Skate with the Team sessions! All skaters who are age and test eligible based on the chart below are welcome to attend this event regardless of whether or not you are currently a Team Excel or Fusion athlete. This is a great way to not only gain new skills, but meet new skaters and introduce yourself to our incredible coaching staff!

The purpose of Skate with the Team (SWTT) sessions is to expose skaters to skills expected on our organizations Preliminary, Open Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, and Novice levels. SWTT sessions provide an educational opportunity to help skaters identify their key competencies and areas where they can continue to improve. We hope this will help skaters focus their practices as they prepare for future tryouts.  

All SWTT sessions can be found on the chart below.  The dates and times, as well as skill and age requirements for SWTT are listed. The test level listed for each team is the minimum requirement that a skater must have already passed to attend a SWTT session. 

Please note: the requirements to attend SWTT do vary from what is required for our upcoming 2024-2025 season tryouts. This is so that skaters can attend SWTT sessions a season or seasons before they are planning to attend tryouts in order to gain experience. For this reason, we opt to have a lower test level requirement for SWTT. 

Pre-registration is required! There is no cost associated with attending.